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A Matter of Value

“Limitless and immortal, the waters are the beginning and end of all things on earth.”   – Heinrich Zimmer What’s greenish-grey, lives 600 meters beneath the ocean’s surface, and desperately needs to see an orthodontist? Give up? The answer, my friends,…

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A Bluestreak cleaner wrasse (Labroides dimidiatus) is cleaning the gill of a Blue angelfish (Pomcanthus semicirculatus). This photo was taken in marine protection area in Green island. Photo Credit: Vincent C. Chen.

Not Your Typical Fish Market

Obviously, we here at GDEP have a lot of love for big, charismatic, marine animals. Marine mammals such as orcas and dolphins are known for their intelligence, complex social structure, and beauty. We could go on and on about the…

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2018: Injured Right Whale. From GA DNR Flickr. (Required credit: Sea to Shore Alliance, taken under NOAA research permit 20556)

Right Whale Season Gone Wrong

This article is an excerpt from a newsletter from the Georgia Department of Natural Resources. We at GDEP thought it was an exceptionally-written and relevant article, and have chosen to share it on our blog this week in lieu of…

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