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Coral reefs are homes to incredible biodiversity. Photo credit: LinkTV;

Marine Protected Areas

With a stroke of his pen on August 26, 2016, Barrack Obama quadrupled the size of a marine protected area (MPA) established a decade earlier by George W. Bush, creating the largest ecologically protected area on the planet (Executive Order…

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2018: Injured Right Whale. From GA DNR Flickr. (Required credit: Sea to Shore Alliance, taken under NOAA research permit 20556)

Right Whale Season Gone Wrong

This article is an excerpt from a newsletter from the Georgia Department of Natural Resources. We at GDEP thought it was an exceptionally-written and relevant article, and have chosen to share it on our blog this week in lieu of…

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Sei whale washed up at Elliot Links beach, Arbroath. 40 foot long. Photo credit to Toxic Web on

Patagonian Graveyard

This blog entry highlights Claudia Gleib's article "Death by Killer Algae" in Hakai Magazine. Read the full article at Stumbling upon a beached whale the size of a semi-truck is a startling sight, but not a wholly unusual one…

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And Then There Were 30

The vaquita—the “panda of the ocean”—has garnered much attention over the past few years having earned the unfortunate title of most-endangered marine mammal. Vaquitas are small porpoises whose numbers have plunged by 90% in the last 5 years alone. Some…

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