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Photo credit: GDEP/John Schacke

Soda Tops & Porpoise POPs

Marine mammal population health has been in the news a lot lately. Perhaps you heard that marine scientists didn’t see a single baby Atlantic Right Whale during the 2018 calving season. Or maybe you’re aware of the dwindling population of Vaquitas in the Gulf…

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Fish Kill, National Geographic (Ben Depp). This year’s red tide off the coast of southwestern Florida has caused a devastating loss of marine life and nationwide alarm. What’s the science behind the apocalyptic images?

The Rising (Red) Tide

Red tide has been wreaking havoc on southwestern Florida - here's what you need to know about the algal issue, what causes it, and what you can do.

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Sei whale washed up at Elliot Links beach, Arbroath. 40 foot long. Photo credit to Toxic Web on

Patagonian Graveyard

This blog entry highlights Claudia Gleib's article "Death by Killer Algae" in Hakai Magazine. Read the full article at Stumbling upon a beached whale the size of a semi-truck is a startling sight, but not a wholly unusual one…

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