Strider is one of our most wide-ranging dolphins, observed at each geographic extent of the study area. For that reason, she was named “Strider” after the character from The Lord of the Rings. She was first sighted in July, 2009 and as recently as the last survey, making her one of our most frequently-sighted dolphins.

Locations Sighted

It seems like Strider is everywhere all the time.  She has been spotted in the big water of St. Catherine’s Sound, as well as in much smaller tidal rivers well inland of the ocean in every season of the year.  Even though her home range area appears to be quite large, her persistence in the area has led us to classify her as a “resident” dolphin.

Social Network

Strider is one of our most recognizable dolphins, with markings on both the leading and trailing edges, as well as an apex notch at the top of her dorsal fin.  She scores high on sociability, having been observed interacting with over 20 other dolphins throughout the study area.